1-3 New Bridge Street

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This is considered one of the very finest buildings in Ayr, and has been the top priority for the THI.

This A-listed building, with its distinctive double bow-front, was built in 1787 by Alexander Stevens with the aim of creating a building that would be an “ornament to the bridge”. This beautiful structure is faced with dressed stone, which was most recently painted pink, as a result the buildings became collectively known as ‘The Pink Buildings’ to the local community. In recognition of this name the rear elevations and chimneys are rendered in pink now that the paint has been removed and the long hidden ashlar stonework has been revealed. The building has a lovely shopfront in what is known as the Strawberry Hill Gothic style, after Horace Walpole's Twickenham Strawberry Hill house. This house was part of a revival of interest in the ornate gothic style of building. This shop front dates to the early nineteenth century, on its New Bridge Street elevation.

Contractor CBC carried out extensive renovation work to the property, including major roof repair and stone work to address the erosion which has taken place over time due to its close proximity to the River Ayr. The work commenced in April 2013 and was completed in August 2014 with only snagging work left to be done.


Small Grants Scheme

Small Grants Scheme

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